Lindsey – DELT Services

Lindsey is the Learning and Organisational Development Specialist at Delt Services and the Enterprise Adviser at Lipson Cooperative Academy.

I left school after completing a business administration qualification and secured my first role in retail. I was selected to join a fast-track into management programme where I gained valuable experience across the whole of the business. Through this process I discovered where my real passion lied within recruitment and on-boarding. As part of this I developed a new on-boarding process that was adopted nationally.

I retrained by doing the CIPD level 3 course and supported a local company with employee engagement and HR before starting at Delt as their Organisational Development and Learning Specialist. My role is focused on developing the most effective people strategies and interventions to enable the organisation to grow and achieve its business objectives; this involves everything from learning and development, health and wellbeing, reward and recognition or change programmes.

My favourite part of the job is working with people. I am an advocate for the fact that it’s not just a job it’s a career – we want people to grow and develop within their roles. It’s rewarding when you can see you’ve put in a training programme and it meets the objective of the business.

The health and wellness of our employees is something we are passionate about and I’m currently working on a number of initiatives that will support this. Everyone at Delt is motivated by more than just a pay check and in order to help our customers do amazing things we need to offer our employees a career that offers them a great work/life balance.

My advice to young people going into the workplace would be to get some people skills, build confidence and communication skills so that you can build relationships with others.

You can do this by getting a part-time job while studying; if it’s customer facing it means you will get to meet lots of different types of people. Even for our IT techs we look for candidates who have people skills; we need employee’s who are happy interacting with our customers and our internal customers.

We don’t’ just recruit based on technical abilities as we are a values driven organisation with the customer at the heart of everything we do, so customer service skills are key for us and we can train the tech side.

At Delt, we recruit degree apprenticeships – we have four at the moment. There are two that have progressed on from level 3 apprenticeships with us, and two that have come in straight from A-levels. They spend four days a week with us and one day at uni. They get paid for all their study days and will finish with no loans.

I have been an Enterprise Adviser for 12 months. We do the Gatsby Benchmarks, look at their career plans, attend careers fair and run sessions with most year groups to understand what key skills employers are looking for and how they can gain and practice these.

The benefits of being part of the EA network are that we get to meet other businesses, build our brand and encourage young people to take up technology.