Keely Pierce

Keely Pierce – I Am More Academy

Turning my passion for supporting young people into a reality meant stepping away from the conventional path and pursuing my dreams. In my commitment to empowering young adults, I became a STEM Ambassador, and it was through this journey that I discovered the role of an Enterprise Adviser.

Working collaboratively, we’ve been able to create meaningful opportunities, including in-house work experience, planned mock interviews, fundraising events, and engaging with employers from diverse backgrounds. This approach promotes a more personal connection between students and employers.

Thinking outside the box has always been second nature to me, and it’s a quality I bring to my role as an Enterprise Adviser. I genuinely love what I do, and it’s heartening to see the school’s appreciation reflected in their invitation for me to join the governing body. It serves as a reminder of the unexpected journeys and opportunities that unfold when you embrace challenges with a positive ‘yes’ and figure it out along the way.