Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas Scheme

Do you have an amazing idea to share with others? If you do – we want to hear about it!

The Bright Ideas rewards scheme will offer gold silver and bronze rewards for innovative activities and suggestions that will help improve the delivery of careers education.



The rewards offer will be determined by category – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze (£50) – all submissions which are accepted by the panel.

Silver (£100) – submissions which are shared locally across the Heart of the South West area.

Gold (£150) – submissions which are shared nationally with CEC and or other hubs.

*Please note – All monies must be spent on Career related resources / activities

How do I share my idea?

Ask your Enterprise Coordinator for a Bright Ideas Submission form or complete it online here


Awareness of creative subject options at GCSE

Ivybridge Community College highlighted the potential pathways, roles and earnings that creative subjects can lead you to, to ensure students and their parents are fully informed before making subject choices at GCSE