Careers Insight Week


  • To provide exposure to, and information about, the world of work to a year group at once, including information on apprenticeships and job whole roles,
  • Desired outcomes: a more in depth understanding of all of the above points, plus raising aspirations,
  • Benchmarks aspiring to achieve.

How did you do it?

  • Wessex Water’s Early Careers Team worked with Avanti Park School to create an ‘Insight Week’ for all Year 8’s,
  • A blend of visits to head office and in-school sessions,
  • Each day of the week had a different theme, eg: Construction, Science, Corporate Business,
  • Each day combined different activities,
  • Wessex Water created log books for the students to record their learning.

Challenges and solutions

  • Organisation and logistics – close liaison between Wessex Water and Avanti Park School, with a dedicated member of Wessex Water’s Early Careers Team coordinating activities.


  • The blend of in work and in school activities and breadth of subject matter enabled the aims to be achieved,
  • Feedback forms were completed by Wessex Water and by Avanti Park students,
  • Improvements detailed:

holding the sessions over a 5-week
adjusting the timing
holding a short introductory session