Pop up lunchtimes


To achive benchmarks 2,5 & 7 without upending the school day and to make the interactions more meaningful.

How did you do it?

School began to organise the ‘pop up lunchtimes’ to address the problems with logistics and staff capacity and to have a constant presence of employers in school for students to access.

These events are super easy to organise. The whole event happens between 1.30 – 3.30. Students enjoy the sessions and have started to request employers to come in based on their interest.

Challenges and solutions

The main challenge is keeping on top of email threads when booking events. I am looking into whether a Google based booking system is possible to cut down on email traffic.


We have had students gain prestigious apprenticeships off the back of these events last year and the students from younger key stages are more tuned in to the opportunities they have post 16.