Speed Networking


To provide year 8 students with meaningful encounters with a range of different employers.

How did you do it?

With help from our Enterpise Coordinator and Enterpise Adviser we invited a number of local employers to take part. They were all fully briefed beforehand. Students were in small groups and had 5 minutes to spend with each employer. The students got to listen to them speak about the different opportunities in that sector and business, ask the employers questions and take part in some interactive activities.

Challenges and solutions

I was concerned about whether we would have a large enough range of employers but with the help of the Careers hub we had people from all sectors and all sizes of business. The students were given time off lesson and were prepped in advance beforehand.


The students found it really enjoyable and informative. It was great to see so many local businesses working closely with the school to help support the students and invest in their community and potential future workforce. We now have a great group of employers we can continue to work with in the future and our students have a better understanding of the types of roles available to them not just locally but nationally too.