Year 7 Aspirational Graduation Photos


To raise aspirations for our students from the very start of their time with us we have all of our Year 7 intake photographed professionally wearing a graduation cap and gown, holding a dummy degree certificate rolled up with a ribbon. All of the photos are on display in the foyer and are a reminder to our students of our expectations for them and that they should not feel limited by their backgrounds.

How did you do it?

We held an assembly to help raise aspirations and remove some preconceptions students had around further education and whether or not it was for them.
A professional photographer was used and a board created with all of the photos and the title Class of 2024 (the year they will all leave school).

Challenges and solutions

There is obviously a cost to this but there are ways to achieve the same result with less cost – ie take the photos yourself and speak to Next Steps South West re obtaining gowns, caps etc


A constant reminder to the students of our high expectations for them.
A prompt to parents and carers that our young people should not be held back or discouraged from success despite many of them having disadvantaged backgrounds.

Longcause Community Special School