Mock Interview Day


To connect our students with the local community and employers.

A chance to overcome fears, practice answering interview style questions and enjoy talking about themselves.

How did you do it?

Host breakfast for the interviewers before the event started
The school gym was our interview room, hosting 25 interviewers who conducted 15 minutes interviews then provided immediate feedback to students. After all interviews had taken place, all student and interviewers were invited to a 1–hour Awards Ceremony each interviewer having chosen a top performer, presenting them with a certificate and trophy.

Challenges and solutions

A few employers pulled out the night before but as students hadn’t been allocated to employers this was ok to manage. Students were very nervous and although all had been properly briefed the week before including what questions were going to be asked, it was difficult to get some of them into the interview room! Having the right people conduct the interviews is important, people that were supportive of students and their nerves made a huge impact on the success of the event.


All Year 10 students that were in school had an interview.
All received immediate and valuable feedback.
Great coverage of the event in the local press.
Great feedback from the interviewers on how the day was organised and ran, so much so that they have already volunteered for next year.
Gained support from the interviewers for a school-mentoring scheme.