Programme of Careers speakers


Over the last few years I have come to understand the positive impact employer interaction can have on a young person. There is something really inspiring about meeting someone who has worked hard to achieve their career goal. So I set myself a target to have one career speaker per week throughout the academic year

How did you do it?

I used my friends, family, colleagues, former pupils, parents, EA, Enterprise Coordinator to help identify suitable speakers from a range of different job roles. I devised a template email to send out to all speakers to ensure that they had the correct information. Hosting a mixture of face to face and virtual sessions during tutor time

Challenges and solutions

Covid 19 could have been a barrier but with the introduction of MS Teams we could access speakers from all over the world eg PE teacher in Dubai, RAF Officer in Brize Norton, University lecturer in Australia; as well as, amongst others a Zookeeper, Firefighter, TV presenter, Accountant & Charity Support Worker


Embedding a strong Careers focus within the school. Students have seen a number of job roles they didn’t know much about and they subsequently feel inspired to look into them further. They also know that not everyone has a linear journey to where they are now. Student evaluation has borne this out.

Jamie Cree – South Devon High School