Off-site careers provision


Young people struggled to engage with the learning with negative impact on attendance, academic, and self-development progress. The purpose was to develop resilience, self-worth, healthier lifestyle and confidence to ensure career readiness. Also to achieve qualifications in areas of their chosen career path and have the skills needed to sustain a work placement at post-16. Meets Gatsby benchmarks 2,3,4,5,6,7

How did you do it?

Funding from the Careers Hub to support gym passes and laptops ensuring that young people developed healthier lifestyles which led to developed self-worth and access to online training, academic progress supporting both qualifications in Construction and Health & Safety. Activities included 2 days a week work experience in Construction, visits to local businesses and community work experience. Additional 1:1 careers advice three times a week.

Challenges and solutions

Construction work experience due to Health and Safety – overcome by building relationships with employers and ensuring all relevant Risk Assessments in place alongside Health and Safety paperwork completed and visits with young people prior to start date.
Exploring local business premises and developing professional relationships with local YMCA leading to an agreed financial commitment, an action plan and agreed rules and expectations.


Individual timetables meeting young peoples needs and interests. Advice and guidance from a career advisor. Building positive trusting working relationships with outside providers and employers. Improved attitude, confidence and team working skills. Qualifications in construction and Health & Safety achieved. Improved health, fitness and mindset. Working with SLT to agree access times for young people. Attendance slightly increased.

The Bridge School – Sedgemoor