Map of Post 16 destination options


To help students to identify the range of options open to them post 16, and to raise aspirations, we have created OS map displays which are labelled with all of the city’s training providers, colleges and six form provision.

How did you do it?

Ordered a custom OS map (£16) where you are able to put your school / college in as the centre point. We collated information on each post 16 destination and pin and string this to the map. We then placed it in a high traffic area of the school where it will get maximum exposure, and showed students how and why to use it in a video shown during assembly.

Challenges and solutions

As a school with no sixth form there were no challenges other than the time it took to make the display.


Students are talking about their options more frequently and they have a better understanding of all the destinations that are open to them. Students will also hopefully make more informed choices and not just chose the obvious option or follow their friends.

All Saints Academy Plymouth