Creating employer engagement section on website


The previous school website careers pages were difficult to find and hard to navigate. I wanted to improve the experience for those using the website, particularly employers. During the revamp I created a form where employers interested in working with the school could upload their details.

How did you do it?

We created a user form which we embedded in the website. Once complete, the information is sent by email to the careers lead who makes contact with the employer to discuss how they can engage further.

Challenges and solutions

Time is always an issue. As I teach Computing and IT is was slightly easier for me as once I had identified what was needed I was able to implement the form myself. However this may be more of a barrier for others. You could ask your computer science department to help.


This has made it much easier for employers to register their interest in working with us and had led to an increase in our employer network. With more employers on hand to help we have been able to deliver some targeted sector engagement activities that students have found really interesting.

Gordon Neighbour Torquay Girls Grammar School