Babcock SEND virtual work experience


To offer a suitable work experience activity to neuro-diverse students during lockdown which could then be used on an ongoing basis to embed ‘experiences of the workplace’ and ‘encounters with an employer/employee’ within the careers programme.

How did you do it?

A neuro-diverse member of Babcock staff gave a live virtual presentation on his own personal journey into work, including how the Neurodiverse Network at Babcock supported him. There was also a virtual tour of the Devonport Dockyard and a Lego crane building exercise for students to develop their teamworking skills and understanding of the various roles.

Challenges and solutions

Coordinating dates and ensuring that the IT worked on the day.
Both Babcock and the school had to be flexible regarding the date and time of delivery, and a full IT run through with all parties was undertaken in advance.


The students got to see first hand how a neuro diverse employee at Babcock is supported in the workplace which helps raise their own aspirations.

Longcause Community Special School