Setting up Healthcare insight sessions


To promote the NHS as an employer and to help future-proof their workforce. This was an opportunity to offer current year 11’s in North Devon who had previously had a place on last year’s course which was subsequently shortened and undertaken virtually, another chance to gain knowledge and understand job roles and pathways within the NHS before they left school.

How did you do it?

Partnering with Speakers for Schools (S4S) we offered:

An after school sessions introducing a number of different healthcare roles.

A morning session on medical school where students heard from doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals

Challenges and solutions

Learning google classroom was a challenge for all speakers that i had not anticipated.
I was working at home on a work laptop via a VPN so the technology wasn’t good. I was kicked out of the 1st session with 20 minutes to go which meant in my return all tabs and chat were lost. Fortunately a clip was playing and Charlotte from S4S was supporting to cover my absence.


The students who attended interacted with real life health care professionals, hearing first hand (warts and all) what working in the healthcare sector entails. In addition, myself and the other speaker all enjoyed sharing our individual journeys and it made us reflect and appreciate the great organisation we work for.

Lucy Warner EA – Northern Devon Healthcare Trust