Setting up Curriculum Careers Champions


To support the Careers Lead and to help embed careers across the whole school curriculum. In turn this makes each curriculum area accountable for delivery of careers education within their subjects with the Careers Lead acting as a focal point for all.

How did you do it?

Curriculum heads identified staff members to become careers champions.
Termly meetings were set up and formally booked into the school calendar.
Extra CPD was provided by the Careers Lead and Enterprise Adviser. Internal audits were undertaken across all areas to understand starting points and to help develop action plans at both curriculum and school level.

Challenges and solutions

Staff churn – With full SLT buy in, the careers champion role is now fully embedded so if a staff member changes it is known that the role needs to be resourced and a full handover take place.

Understanding the difference in the roles & not relying on the Careers Lead to provide everything – CPD delivered both at 1:1 and group level


Careers is fully embedded across the whole school with all curriculum areas having buy in.
Curriculum areas sharing great ideas with one another.
Careers Lead has dedicated key members of staff to communicate with.
The audit process is much more effective and streamlined.
The gap between careers and teaching staff is bridged

Rachel Allin Torbridge High, Plymouth